Dr. Yusuf Mugaloglu

Yusuf Mugaloglu

At the heart of New York, PrimeTaxNY is led by Dr. Yusuf Mugaloglu, a distinguished financial authority whose expertise spans across tax, accounting, and strategic business consultancy. Dr. Mugaloglu, a Boğaziçi University alumnus, further refined his prowess with a Master’s in Financial Development from the University of Reading and a rigorous Post-Doctoral Research in Financial Stability at City, University of London.

With over twenty years of professional experience in the financial sector, Dr. Mugaloglu has developed a profound comprehension of the nuanced demands of tax and financial advisory, especially pertinent to the evolving New York market. His academic accolades and hands-on experiences have cultivated a robust foundation in financial analysis and strategy, positioning him as a leader in crafting tailored solutions that drive business growth and fiscal resilience.

As an IRS Enrolled Agent, Dr. Mugaloglu excels in tax preparation and strategic planning, offering services that go beyond compliance to ensure maximal financial benefit tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. His extensive background in financial regulation and compliance enables him to expertly guide businesses through complex financial landscapes, helping them to not only anticipate potential challenges but also seize opportunities with strategic foresight and unparalleled confidence.

Under his leadership, PrimeTaxNY embodies a commitment to excellence and a dedication to empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools they need for sustainable success.